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Dec 18, 2017
3:41 am
Dec 18, 2017
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Dec 18, 2017
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Dec 17, 2017
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**Check this out!**

BroDogz Commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 18, 2017, 5:57 PM


Sheriffs are back in town.

Or at least we will will be, a little later.


Let me lay out for you guys how I will be handling my grand re-opening. Those of you that remember my last re-opening should know the drill. Either way, read all the details below and you’ll have all the info you need to commission me when the time is right.

First and foremost, I have a new price chart. This renders the old price chart obsolete, so if you have a copy of that saved to your desktop or printed out and posted on your wall, be sure to update those accordingly. I’ll drop a link to it right here.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz

Lets start with changes to my commissions.


A few basic changes worth noting. I now no longer take lineart commissions. There wasn’t enough demand for them, so I’ve removed them. Another change is that I will no longer be providing the linearts for finished commissions to the people that buy them. It seemed like an unnecessary feature that most people probably just threw in the trash.

If you would like a lineart (the prototype image that came with your final copy) then let me know while you are ordering your commission. I can provide that for you if you really want it, but I will also charge a few extra dollars for the trouble. If you make no mention of requesting a lineart on top of your finished commission, I will assume that you do not want one. Asking for one after the commission is complete may not be possible, so keep that in mind.

On the prices front, I have raised them a little bit. I still think they are very affordable, but I raised the prices a hair to try and reflect how in demand these commissions seem to be. I will still be offering the Flat Color / Workz / Next Lvl pricing structure, so everyone can afford the kind of commission they want.

Those are all the major changes. Everything else will pretty much remain the same. The priority line will remain intact. If you want your commission sooner rather than later, and are willing to pay a little extra for the privilege, then the priority line is the place to be.

 Ok, with that out of the way, lets set the timetable.

I’m going to tackle this in two phases.


Phase 1 – September 22


This is going to open the discussion channel floodgates. Starting on the 22, I will be open to people “pitching” me their commissions. Those of you who have worked with me before will be familiar with the back and forth that takes place at this stage. This is where you fire off idea’s, I shoot back questions and we get a good solid grip on what you’re asking for. This is also where I will offer you an official “price quote” so you know what you’re getting into before I start.

I’m geared up and ready to answer a literal tidal wave of notes from you guys, so that is why I set this up. Some commission details can be handled in a note or two, others might take six or seven. It all depends on the commission and how well we are able to articulate to one another. Starting in the early afternoon, I’ll be firing off notes left and right to see what needs to be taken care of.

I’ll reserve spots in line on my to-do list as I see fit during this process. I will probably show a little more credence to my regular customers to that end, but my priority commission stack will also be open for those who have the insatiable urge to cut to the front of the line.

If you’ve worked with me in the past, then you know I will have a lot of questions for you. In order to make the best commission end result possible, I need you to be as specific as possible about what it is you want. Give me context. Give me details, give me references if you have them. Unless you tell me to surprise you (which is perfectly fine, but you need to tell me that), you should be telling me what the time of day is, what kind of emotion the character should be feeling, and what kind of pose he/she should be in. If you need help deciding that stuff, let me know and I will work with you. If you just leave me to fill in the blanks, it’s impossible for me to know what you want out of your commission!


So if you want a spot in my commission line, get in touch with me starting on the 22nd, and we can talk shop. While we handle this, we’ll follow up to the launch of….


Phase 2 – September 28  


This is actually when I will break ground to start working on commissions again. Normal, business as usual BroDogz blah-blah-blah.

Starting with the first two commissions on my priority list, and the first on my to-do list, I’ll begin knocking commissions out one by one.



 So that takes care of that. I appreciate everyone’s patience on waiting for me to get back to this point. I’ll do my best to make sure your wait was worth it. ^^


Victory Road 2.23
All behold the Triple Brofist! Bask in the radiant glow of its impossibility!

This page is just an expansion of a previous joke I have made. I figured the legendary Triple Brofist deserved more exposition than what I gave it in the past. It is a maneuver that has both meaning and substance, and I wanted to make sure I passed that along to the reader.

I love the massive swing of emotions my characters are capable of. It makes drawing pages like this one all the more fun. In one page I have covered joy, shock, smugness, confusion and even anger. It’s almost like I was going for some kind of high score. hmm….

I also must overwhelmingly laud my use of page space to avoid the tongue lashing I was about to receive from Umbreon. I’m my own toughest critic, but I don’t think I am far off when I say that right there is a masterclass in how to end a page. It’s like I am getting away with it scott free!!!  



Next Page: Coming Soon


Previous Page:
Victory Road 2.22 by BroDogz


Back to the Beginning!

(Chapter 1 page 1)

Victory Road 1.1 by BroDogz


Knuckles - Guardian's Ethos
I have been meaning to get a bit of practice utilizing environmental effects, and its been a while since I have done a Knux solo image, so I figured I should address both issues together. Here is the end result.

Through the wind and rain, Knux stands defiant in the protection of his emerald. His fists ready for battle, his gaze hard as steel, the echidna is determined to deflect any harm that comes toward his precious gem stone. One thing here is certain... you will NOT take his emaroos…

I can’t remember too many examples of rain in my work, I may only have two or three pics in my gallery that even feature it. That is surprising considering that it is such a natural phenomenon. I know I don’t have anything that shows off the rain to this capacity and as such this pic will serve as a building block for me. I learned a few tricks that I can certainly utilize in the future. I got a little better after completing this image and at the end of the day that is the real goal.

Hope you guys like this piece. I honestly don’t believe you can ever go wrong drawing a fierce Knuckles, the guy is simply in his element. If anyone likes this enough to order up a commission from me, be sure to take a gander at my Commission Price Chart first.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz

Comm: Wonderbolt Reference Sheet

:icondarkmalcontent: came by to continue the support for the universe he is continuously expanding. If you guys want to keep tabs on this project, be sure to play close attention to DarkMalcontent's page for any and all updates.

This time we have a ref sheet for Spitfire in her Wonderbolt Armor. It is mostly made to resemble the Wonderbolt uniform.

Spitfire needs to be able to respond to any manner of crisis situations, so she will have a lot of different armaments and toys at her disposal. Personal drones, nightsticks, flashlights, shark repellant… y’know the usual.


Thanks a bunch to DarkMalcontent for ordering another commission reference sheet. If anyone else would like to get themselves a commission form me be sure to take a look at my price chart before we get started.

Comm: Amy - Fashionable, Functional, Formidable

Because all the top tier gals know that armor is Fashionable and Functional!

This here is a commission cooked up for :iconboodestroyer89:

He asked for a picture of the Piko-Piko Paladin herself – Amy Rose, dawning a suit of armor designed to allow her to pack even more of a wallop.

Terrifying when you think about it…. 

Anyway, the armor design was set out for me (thanks for all the refs) so I got to focus most of my attention on getting the emotions behind the picture just right. This scene is supposed to represent Amy putting on the suit for the first time. It must be an odd feeling, and she is a tiny bit overwhelmed by all the shiny new hardware she gets to call her own, but give her a few seconds to stretch, and I bet she’ll be right at home smashing her enemies in her all new style. ^^

Thanks again to BooDestroyer89 for dropping the hammer and ordering up a commission from me. I see that you’ve gotten a few different artists to take a stab at this suit for Amy, so I’m stoked you thought enough of my stuff to give me a shot as well.

If anyone else would like a commission from me, feel free to dawn your powersuit and blast your way over to my commission price chart. There you can use your super abilities to read up on what you can get from me, if you so desire.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz 

Till next time guys!

Infinite - Alter Reality

Would you look at that! It’s the Ultimate Mercenary himself!

Here is an image I did shortly after Infinite’s initial reveal a while back and never got around to posting. After playing my way through Sonic Forces, now seems as good a time as any to put this image on my account.

Here we have Infinite powering up his Phantom Ruby, no doubt ready to dish out more lessons involving pain and fear. I got to play around with some special effects here. I think I have learned how to better implement energy fields in pics like this. It’s not very intrusive, but it does get the point across. This was a fun little excursion. I’m sure I will be drawing more pics of everyone’s favorite new Jackal at some point so this should serve as some good practice for me. The first picture of a new character is always the hardest.  

Side note- Infinite is EASILY in the running for best shoes in the Sonic franchise. Dude’s kicks are straight LEGIT.

Hope you all enjoy this piece. I am putting some finishing touches on several images so I will have more great artwork on the way soon.


Deviant ID

Custom Commissions

Check out all the details here!



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sonicboominfinite Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017  New Deviant
What are you looking forward to after Sonic forces ?
BroDogz Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017
The new comic coming early next year has my interest now.

I was a big fan of the comics under Ian Flynn (you can tell by all Archie Characters I draw), so seeing him at the helm of the new projects gives me high expectations!
sonicboominfinite Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017  New Deviant
Yes I hope they can make the sonic boom Comics also make at least pass 11 issues and since they are no longer under Archie's control they can be in better trade paperback Collective format.
bagginos Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017
What characters would you like to see in the IDW Sonic comics?
BroDogz Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017
First and foremost you have to have the freedom fighters. Just aint much of a Sonic Comic without those guys.

beyond that i would love to see some of the extended cast of rouges. Several of the egg bosses had amazingly interesting stories to tell. Clove and Cassia really stand out.

Then there are always the personal favs with a decent amount of history that i would love to see. People like Lupe
bagginos Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017
What about characters from other past and current Sonic media? (Scratch and Grounder, Snively, Sonia, Manic, Cosmo, Sticks, etc.)
BroDogz Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017
I always saw Snivley as a mainstay. He has been in the comics for so long at this point

As much as i would love to have characters from other series crossover (my God Cosmo would be awesome both story and character development wise) part of what makes them special is that they are players in their own medias. I would not be opposed to references and cameos tho. 

Certainly gotta figure out "missing" characters like Blaze, who may/may not live in that world first

IDW has given very little insight into the goals or outlook of their comic so anything is fair game right now i guess.
(1 Reply)
BlueDragonKaiser Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017
So what do you think of Sonic Forces?
BroDogz Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Long response, i'll send ya a note
FelixNFox Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017   Digital Artist
Hi my name's Felix.
BroDogz Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017
Hello there

Thanks for dropping by
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BroDogz Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017
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TeacherSteve35 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you Heard of Brony Battle Royale?
BroDogz Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017
Nope. I have never heard of it.

But thats not surprising because I don't really follow anything related to MLP.
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