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Sep 5, 2015
7:04 am
Sep 5, 2015
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Sep 5, 2015
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Sep 4, 2015
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Sep 4, 2015
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**Check this out!**

Just testing the waters here... Would anyone be interested if I opened writing/story commissions? 

36 deviants said I think I might want one.
28 deviants said sure, if the price was right...
24 deviants said BroDogz can write?!!!!
11 deviants said No, not interested at all.

100K Milestone and April Updates

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 6:25 PM

Get me a Chilli dog and call me a hedgehog. I never thought I would get anywhere near this milestone so quickly. In my short time here on DA I have managed to pick up over 1,600 watches and 100,000 pageviews! That is a whole lot of zeros! 

I would like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to support me up to this point. It means a great deal to both me and my Bro that you are all willing to keep tabs on us and the constant interaction in turn helps me improve my own craft. The time I have spent on DA has persuaded me to tackle numerous tasks that I would have likely avoided in the past and I am a much better artist now because of it. I could not have become the guy I have grown into without all of your support. I hope to continue to create a few of pieces of art you will enjoy in the future as well.

In other news I have just upgraded my computer to match my ever growing talent level. This thing is way more powerful than my older rig and should lend itself well to my larger commission projects. (No more constant computer crashes for me!) This is a very exciting development as it has the potential to exponentially increase my activity speed. I loved the thing, but my old laptop was horribly outdated. It’s always nice to move up to the next tier every once in a while and it feels like I am doing just that.


In turns of drawing workload, I am going to be a busy man for the foreseeable future. I have a number of commissions that I am scheduled to work on. One of them is a commission of monstrous proportions that I really have no business attempting. It’s part of the reason I broke down and got a new computer. I’m pretty sure my old one would have exploded under the strain. I promise you all that I’m still working on Chapter 2 of my Victory Road webcomic as well. As I have said in the past I am planning something big for that and it is taking a bit longer than I expected due to the recent boom in demand for my higher level commission offerings.

So that is that for this post. I will have more art, contests giveaways and the like in the future. Just gotta get over this slight hump of work before I can begin that stuff again. In the short term, I’ll be sure to continue to keep taking my game up a few levels, to help justify all the attention you guys are giving me! 


Sonic: Hylian Hedgehog - Triforce of Speed by BroDogz
Sonic: Hylian Hedgehog - Triforce of Speed

Well you guys know me, I do love a good crossover. Take a moment, mix two things together, do a good job of it and you're practically guaranteed to nab my attention. Cross something over with the Sonic franchise, and you'll have captured both my attention and my interest. Get to work mixing and matching two of my favorite videogame franchises... Well, lets just say you'd be entering "take my money" territory.

So I was strolling through my account a while back, just taking inventory if you will. Lo and behold when I was done, I discovered that I had no image of Sonic rocking the legendary tunic he scored from the Zelda Sonic Lost World DLC. Of course I couldn't let such an oversight stand. Its a travesty to think I haven't drawn Sonic up like this just yet. So I got to work.


The Hero of Time never looked so good.


The creative juices really got flowing for this one. I had so much fun decking Sonic out in a set of threads almost, if not as iconic as he is. I went a step further and made a few additions to the tunic he trotted out in SLW. I gave him a touch of the chain mail that Link holds onto for some of his journeys. On top of that, I added in that sweet blue scarf made popular by the recent Hyrule Warriors. I even added a bit of Boom flair too it by tightly wrapping it around his neck. Everything else fell right into place. The brown leather gloves, the hat (I could swear that hat was designed to fit him) and everything else came out great.

The pose is something I wanted to try ever since I figured out how to manipulate my own fingers into making a TriForce. It wasn't easy getting Sonic's fingers to do the trick, but once again my diligence (a.k.a stubbornness) was rewarded. One quick word of warning to all of you kiddies out there, don't try to imitate this gesture at home. Only the chosen one's of the TriForce are allowed to throw up this sign and not evoke the wrath of the gods. 

But I couldn't stop there. No Hero of Time can blaze his path of glory without the Sword of Evil's Bane at his side. So you know I had to graph the Master Sword to his back. Then I decided Fi needed a buddy and since Sonic is hands down the fastest blade in the North, West, East and South, I figured he could pull a Kirito and throw down with some Dual-Wielding showmanship. (Somewhere Link is turning green with envy lol). Who better to keep a Sword Spirit company than another within a Sacred Sword? Caliburn was an obvious choice. So now Sonic's armed to the teeth. Its almost to the point where you can't even see the Hylian Shield I have strapped to his back.

I could have left the image there, but then I remembered that there are several BroDogz by-lays that prevent me from drawing Link without also somehow cramming Navi in there too.  So as a result Sonic nabbed himself a know-it-all travel companion for his trip. I couldn't leave him with just one glowing ball of light to guide the way. No-no-no, Sonic's far too much Hero for one tour guide to handle. So I gave him a second. Tikal will lend her friend a helping hand just for good measure. So from Hyrule to Hydrocity, Sonic will always have a solid grasp on the lay of the land.




That was a lot, but seriously this was worth every drop of sweat I poured into it. This here is the Blue Blur as the ultimate Bas@$$. Its one of the coolest things I've ever drawn and my only regret is that I can't afford the seconds to spend more time with it. I've got a meaty commission line to tend to, so alas, I gotta cut this one loose. 

So you guys can just sit back and enjoy this one. Sonic looking cool just for the sake of looking cool. He'll save Princess Zelda, slay Gannon and save the day in record time. Or he'll go crazy trying to juggle conversations with Navi, Caliburn, Fi and Tikal all at once. I'd say he's got a 50/50 shot of tipping the scales either way.

Ah, and speaking of commissions, if anyone out there wants a commission then use this to get your process started.


 BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


'Till then peace!

Cosmo the Seedrian - Moonflower by BroDogz
Cosmo the Seedrian - Moonflower
It has been way too long since I have had the opportunity and pleasure of drawing my favorite little seedrian, so I am glad I took the initiative to put together this piece. It is calm, peaceful and relaxing, so Cosmo was a great candidate to hold down the starring role for this image.

I  remember my last Cosmo to be a bit of a lighting study, with strong and bright special effects, so it is rather appropriate that my newest one is in the same vein, even though it focuses on more negative values than positive ones. The overall image is very dark. Cosmo's colors that are naturally bright and vibrant have been strongly muted here, to better match her environment. The flower pedal dress has always struck me as unique, so I really played it up here. Spreading it out like that helps gives it wearer the feeling of weightlessness, which in turn lends itself to the overall "softness" of the image. That was more of a happy accident than good planning, but I will be sure to take credit for it.

The darker tones in this image create a masterful springboard to launch a few special effects at the viewer. There is no large lighting effect beating its audience over the head, but rather a number of small visual flairs that combine to help imbed the character into her surroundings.

This picture didn't have a clear direction or even a pinned down setting as far as halfway into its development, so I am more than pleased that I was able to create a cohesive image in the end. I just kept my art hand going on this one and at some point natural instinct just took over.

Take some time to enjoy this one people. I have a few other things to go work on. 

Comm: Princess Luna - Nighttime is Primetime by BroDogz
Comm: Princess Luna - Nighttime is Primetime


First off, Let me wish a Happy Birthday to :iconshafty817:



I'd wager we are in different time zones, but its the 17th here so I'm dropping the B-Day wishes here and now. 

Secondly, lets talk shop about this commission here. Following hot on the heels of the last boxing gal he asked me to draw, Shaf came back and hit me up for some repeat business. This time, I was given the task of drawing up Canterlot's nighttime princess stepping into the ring.

Having worked with ponies (and Equestria Girls for that manner) quite a bit, It was pretty easy going here for the most part. Nothing too difficult. The wardrobe change and the pose fell into place, and before long I had this puppy ready and out of the door. Luna's reared up and primed for a showdown here. It looks like she is about to really mess up some poor chump. Now if only we could make sure she won't use those wings to cheat. 


Big thanks again to Shafty817 for picking up another commission from yours truly. It means a lot to earn your repeat business. If anyone else gets a whiff of that commission fever, then I got just the cure for what ails ya. Take two glimpses of my price chart and get in touch with Doc BroDogz. A nice drawing is just what the doctor ordered. ^^

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: MLP v Mario - Duel with a Duo by BroDogz
Comm: MLP v Mario - Duel with a Duo
Ah, another commission bites the dust. This time :iconsonicthecaptain: asked me to give a battle between the Mario Bros and Queen Chrysalis a go. I'm more of a Sonic and Tails kind of guy myself (give me that Dynamic Duo any day) but hey, beggars can't be choosers. So I got to work. 

This one is actually an edited version of the final commission I send over. I made a few changes to it that were outside of the scope of the original commission. If you'd like to see the original commission, I'll leave a STASH link to it right under here.

As for the picture itself, Mario and Luigi proved themselves to be pretty easy. The came out quick and provided no hassle. It was the Queen who set me back believe it or not. I'm so used to working with her on higher level commissions that I didn't know what to do with this basic MLP version of her. I kept catching myself trying to scale her wings or chisel her hide lol. 

Mario and Luigi are doing their best to ward off the Queen, but that pony... er, bug... uh... whatever she is, isn't going down without a fight.

Thanks again to SonicTheCaptain for ordering another commission from me. If anyone else would like a spin at my process, then by all means check out my price chart and get back to me.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


Oh hey, look at that. This image was featured over on Equestria Daily.…


Thank you to whoever out there makes this kind of thing happen.

Comm: Princess Sally - Knockout by BroDogz
Comm: Princess Sally - Knockout
Its always nice to get some new blood in my commission line to keep things fresh and interesting. This piece was ordered up by :iconshafty817: who requested a image of Sally in a boxing ring. Its pretty straightforward as far as my commissions go so it was an easy endeavor to undertake.

Sal-Gal is rocking a blue get up that greatly resembles other pictures of this ilk. Her pose is a simple fighters stance, hands up, knees bent, feet apart. Its all contained in a spacious boxing ring, the "Red Star Ring" to be specific. (I luv adding little puns!) 

Sal is no stranger to danger and is as such a very skilled fighter. I truly feel bad for whoever her opponent may be as it is all but assured that this combatant will be a "Royal" pain in their side!

I have to make sure I use this space to properly thank Shafty817 for ordering this piece. I always enjoy working with Sonic characters so this was a fun one to put together. If all the rest of you guys out there enjoy this image and are considering ordering a sweet little commission for yourselves, be sure to take a ganger at my commission price chart for all the information you need before sending me a note.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


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Naw man, I haven't even started on that one yet. If you check out the "To-Do List" on my front page, you'll see that I have a couple of people in front of you right now. Two Works commissions and one big Next Level image.

I won't start work on any other commissions until I get at least two of those knocked out. Then, your commish will be next up, barring no one else showing up and paying for the priority treatment.
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