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Jul 25, 2014
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**Check this out!**

Hey YOU!

Yeah YOU!

This contest is officially Live! I know a lot of you have been waiting for it, but I wanted to hold out a little bit and do something special. This contest represents the first being held by my group and is in honor of reaching the 1000 watcher plateau!

Okay, onto the details then! I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the prize structure of my previous contests, so I am going to mimic my patented Early Bird Prize structure that I rolled out way back when. For those of you that are new to BroDogz hosted events, please do keep reading as it is a little bit different than the normal prize structure you guys might be used too, but it does promote a lot of interest and fun! ^^

First things First! 

Contest Start - RIGHT NOW! (Sonic’s B-Day!)
Contest End - (Friday) August 1st 2014
(That's about a month people!)


For this contest, I want you guys to try and be ambitious. The theme for this Contest revolves around the upcoming Sonic Boom franchise of course.

I want to see images that promote teamwork, since that seems to be the name of the game. That means I want to see two characters (or more) working together to get something done. It doesn’t matter what that something is, or how badly the characters seem to be failing or succeeding to get the job done. The only theme to note is that you’ve got two partners working towards a goal. It could be something as simple as Amy and Tails taking down a badnik, or Sonic attempting to spot Knuckles on a bench press, or something as complicated as a coordinated Team Attack on a Boss, or two bro’s tag teaming an epic sammich. Creativity is key and I want to see what you guys can come up with.


All entries into this contest do need to contain at least 1 Official Sonic Character. Anyone from Sonic and Tails to more obscure characters like Mighty and Nack will fit that bill. As long as an entry contains a legitimate character that has appeared in any medium of the franchise it is welcome in this contest.  If you're not sure about the character you choose, be sure to ask before you start.

This is a Sonic Boom contest, so any Official character (or at least one of them) must appear in their Boom appearance. If you would like to utilize a character that has yet to make an appearance in Boom attire, then you will need to use your flair for ad-libbing to create a new look for that character on the fly. Your creativity score can be positively or negatively impacted by your designs, so take care and put a lot of thought into them

There is no limit to how many characters you can put into the picture. As long as one of the characters meets rule #1 and #1a, you are also free to include as many additional official characters and fan characters as you want! Even characters from other franchise are fair game. You want to make a crossover image? Go for it!

Artwork entered in this contest must be original to you. It cannot utilize bases provided by someone else and it needs to be drawn specifically for this contest. No re-purposing older art. No tracing official art. Your submission must be all you.

All entries must be colored. Sketches, Line-art or grayscale will not be accepted.

Images must adhere to the Theme.


Now for the fun part! I'm planning on giving away quite a bit in this contest, so here's what's at stake for the winners.

First off, I'll be doing two sets of prizes for this contest. The first set will be the traditional format, to be decided upon at the end of the contest. They will look like this…

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletpurple:

1st Place:
1 Full Colored Request by :iconbrodogz: (Limit 2 characters)
1 Standardized Commission by :iconbrodogz:
3 mo. Premium Membership (OR 600 pts - your choice)
100 DeviantArt Points
Entry is Featured in Brodogz and HUB journal
A traditional full colored mini-comic of one page (3 characters max) by :iconsonicfanatic991: (nothing graphic)

2nd Place:
1 Full Colored Request (No Background) by :iconbrodogz: (Limit 1 character)
1 Standardized Commission by :iconbrodogz:
1 mo. Premium Membership (or 350 pts - your choice)
150 DeviantArt  points
Entry is Featured in BroDogz and HUB journal
A traditional full colored request (3 characters max) by :iconsonicfanatic991: (nothing graphic)

3rd Place:
1 Flat Color Character Request by :iconbrodogz: (1 character)
1 Standardized Commission by :iconBroDogz
100 DeviantArt points 
Entry is Featured in BroDogz and HUB Journal
A traditional lineart request (one character) by :iconsonicfanatic991: (nothing graphic)

Most Creative:
1 Flat Color Character Request by :iconbrodogz: (1 character)
 80 DA pts
 Entry is Featured in BroDogz and HUB Journal

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletpurple:

Next up, I'll be doing a additional set of Early Bird Prizes!
Same deal as last time. If all goes well, and no one abuses the system (plz don't do that guys), then I can do something like this for all my contests in the future.

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletpurple:

1st person to enter into the contest – 50 DA pts
2nd person to enter into the contest – 45 DA pts
3rd person to enter into the contest  – 40 DA pts
4th person to enter into the contest – 35 DA pts
5th person to enter into the contest – 30 DA pts
6th person to enter into the contest – 25 DA pts
7th person to enter into the contest – 20 DA pts
8th person to enter into the contest – 15 DA pts
(everyone else to enter the contest) – 10 DA pts

(no duplications – you can only win 1 of these Early Bird Prizes)

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletpurple:

To clarify, this means everyone who finishes their pictures and submits them to this contest will win some quick and easy points! While you may enter the contest as many times as you like, the Early Bird Prizes are limit 1 per artist. lol


The contest will be judged by me, but I do reserve the right to consult some of my pals on DA in the case that a tiebreaker is necessary. Either way, here's a quick breakdown of the criteria for which I will be judging the entries.

Does the image fit the theme of contest? Did the artist follow all the rules? Simple enough

Is the end result Fun? Cool? Attractive? This is where all the planning and original concepts pays off. The DA artists who have great ideas and execute them score high here.

Did you shoot for the moon? Did you do your best? How much work went into this piece? I’ll be looking through the galleries of people who submit to see what they are capable of. Entry’s that are hastily thrown together with little care, or that don’t push the boundaries of what that artist are capable of score low here.

Judgment on the Originality of artwork and concept. Did you come up with something unique? Did you bring something new to the table? It could be a design of a character’s Boom attire, or a situation your image depicts. Furthermore, Those of you adding fan characters or un-seen official characters to this contest need to keep this in mind. I want to see you do more than throw some sports tape on a guy or gal and call it a day. I want to see that creativity in full force. Those of you that do stand a better chance at bringing home a prize. ^^.

People who have won my contests in the past will tell you that I place the most weight on Ambition and Creativity. The artist with the most skill isn’t always the winner with me. I want to see people put their best foot forward, and put out an image they can be proud of.
Bottom Line? Leave it all on the Line.


Alright! When all is said and done, and you've finished up your contest entry, then you need to submit it. Upload your entry to your DA gallery, and then comment on this journal and leave a link to your entry in the comment section.

WARNING! Your entry will not be considered as an official submission until you comment and link either to this journal or its duplicate on :iconsonic-boom-hub: page. I will consider the time you comment as the time you finished the picture, so be sure not to drag your feet on that one. Especially if you want those Early Bird points.

Every time I receive an entry, I'll be sure to update this journal with the new information.

Okay, so there we are. He's a quick checklist of rules, just to refresh your memories

- Contest Start (TODAY!!!)
- Contest End (Aug 1st 2014)

And lastly, here's a few procedural things to keep in mind

-Artwork must be new and specific to this contest (no re-purposing old pictures).
-I can only accept pics posted to your account. Traditional or Digital format is fine, however DA muro arts will not be accepted.
-Artwork must be colored (sorry, no linearts or sketches).
-You must comment and link your finished pic to the journal for it to count. It doesn't count as an official submission until you come here and link to it!
-Enter as many times as you like! It can only help your chances! (you can only win 1 set of Early Bird Prize’s though)
-No ultra-violence or hate art. There is a line. If you’re not sure if you crossed it, be sure to ask me before you start!

If you've got any questions, feel free to contact me. Leaving a comment on the journal is fine, but if the matter is either urgent or time sensitive or just something you want to keep a secret from your competitors, then don't hesitate to send me a note. I'll get back to you as soon as I see it in my mailbox!

Okay! There we are. Good luck to all you guys! Remember to have fun! And if you want to claim those early bird points… well you better get started lol!

~BroDogz (Founder of :iconsonic-boom-hub:)

:iconsonicringplz: :iconsonicringplz: :iconsonicringplz: :iconsonicringplz: :iconsonicringplz: :iconsonicringplz:

1.)    :iconwhitexrose96: with CE- Pink and Blue by WhiteXRose96 (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 1)
2.)    :iconamandaxter: with Teamwork Battle -contest- by Amandaxter (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 2)
3.)    :iconjuliathehedgehog336: with :CE: Super Fight by JuliatheHedgehog336(Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 3)
4.)    :iconphoenixgirl1: with Boss fight: Lyric by PhoenixGirl1 and Need A Little Help by PhoenixGirl1 (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 4)
5.)    :iconprincessjey: with Sonic Boom! by PrincessJey (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 5)
6.)    :iconmsdrawinggal: with An Indecisive Duo by MsDrawingGal (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 6)
7.)    :iconthehedgiemaster: with Friendly Competition by TheHedgieMaster (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 7)
8.)    :iconionicsonic: with Why Snakes Eat Hedgehogs by IonicSonic (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 8)
9.)    :iconaquariasc:with .: CE - Teamwork in the air :. by AquariaSC (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 9)
10.)   :iconsarah-herron: with CE: Teamwork by Sarah-Herron (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 10)
11.)   :iconsilvori: with Here we go by Silvori(Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 11)
12.)   :iconzulema:with All i wanna do is a zoom zoom and a boom boom! by Zulema (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 12)
13.)   :iconmechaknucklesa3: with CE: Teamwork in a Nutshell by MechaKnucklesA3 (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 13)
14.)    :icondeethehedgehog: with .:CE:. Let's get 'em together by Deethehedgehog(Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 14)
15.)    :iconsofibeth: with We got your Back by sofibeth(Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 15)
16.)    :iconsonamyshad88: with Help me out Ames by sonamyshad88 (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 16)
17.)    :iconshadowwhisper446:with Teamwork by ShadowWhisper446 (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 17)
18.)    :iconlittleyellowkitsune: with Sonic-Boom-HUB CE - ha ha teamwork by LittleYellowKitsune(Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 18)
19.)    :iconrob-o-moo-cow: with sonic boom CONTEST ENTRY by RoB-O-MoO-CoW(Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 19)
20.)    :iconellythegee: with That's a teamwork with a Boom! by EllyTheGee (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 20)
21.)    :iconofficialsassy: with Sonic Boom: You said you needed a jack! by OfficialSassy (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 21)
22.)    :iconhexblaster: with Sonic Boom Contest Entry by Hexblaster (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 22)
23.)    :iconkanamiku: with Together, we bring the BOOM. by Kanamiku (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 23)
24.)    :icondevilca-the-hedgehog: with Devilca Boom and Sonic Boom (WIP) by Devilca-The-Hedgehog (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 24)
25.)    (Winner of Early Bird Prize pack 25)

What piece of E3 Sonic news has you the most hyped? 

54 deviants said Sonic Boom : TV Series
20 deviants said Sonic Boom : Rise of Lyric (WiiU)
19 deviants said Sonic Movie(s)
15 deviants said Sonic Boom : Shattered Crystal (3DS)

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Advanced Artworkz

Here is a quick look at some of my more complex pieces!

Commission: A New Dawn by BroDogz
BroDogz 20th Sonic Anniversary Series by BroDogz
Sonic Lost World - Walk in the Park-our by BroDogzSonic and Blaze - Ready for Round Three by BroDogz
BroDogz CE : Rainbow Dash - Loyal 5oul by BroDogz Sora - Welcome Back (w/ Sound) by BroDogz
Commission: Night Life by BroDogzCommission: Stand Your Ground by BroDogz
Com: Rainbow Dash vs Lightning Dust - Stormfront by BroDogz



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