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**Check this out!**

Scheduling Note.

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 9:44 PM

Hey everyone, got a little bit of scheduling news I’d like to take care of.

Been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided that it’s time to step back and take a small break from commission work for a moment. Nothing major of course, but I would like to free up some time to put the finishing touches on some of my own projects and there are one or two things I’ve been meaning to draw that I simply haven’t had a chance to tackle just yet. Plus I just got buried under an avalanche of videogames. Gotta carve out some hours for that too.

If I’ve already started the commission process with you, and we’ve been talking about what you’d like to see, then have no fear. I have all the intentions of getting your pics done before my little hiatus.

Right now the plan is to have my commissions closed for the month of January. I think that will be enough time to get what I need up and done. If so, I’ll try to open them up again in February and get back to work. I might change some things about my commission process from a quality control standpoint, but we can cross that bridge when we get there.

As for what that means for December… well that’s easy. I’ve got 2 or 3 commissions on my plate at the moment, all of which are fairly easy and won’t take me long to do. If anyone else would like a commission from me in the short term, I would encourage you to come and ask for one right about now. I probably have space for a few more commissions to get done ahead of January (depending on their complexity of course) so I might be able to take on a few more. If you’re interested in a next level commission, then I will hear you out, but I may decline to take on your request at the moment.

I’ll just take that on a case by case basis. Feel free to ask and I’ll let you know if I think I can squeeze you in or not.

Okay, with that out of the way, that’s pretty much all the major news I need to get out. I’m happy to report some progress on my longwinded Victory Road project. I know some of you have been really patient with that one, and I hope to get a lot of that done in January. I do have something pretty big planned for that, and I already have a ton of art stockpiled away and waiting, I just have to get to where I want to be comic wise. Needs more pages. With a little luck, I’ll be able to talk about what I’m planning to do with that in Jan or Feb. Everyone needs some more Buizel in their life and I plan on giving it to ya.

Alright, till next time people.



Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix - Color by BroDogz
Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix - Color

I do believe I promised you guys a spot of color to go along with this one ^^

For those not in the know, this is the end result of one of the drawings I made for a contest being held by :iconcolorguy: a while back. You can see the plain black and white lineart, as well as the sweet inks page I did for it here. If anything, its a nice little peek into my process. You might be able to piece together a thing or two about how I handle my business.

Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix by BroDogz     Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix INK by BroDogz

Okay, you guys know I love drawing me some Metal Sonic. He’s the premium character to end all premium characters. All you detail addicts out there know what I’m talking about. Every rivet, every ball joint, you can really just get lost in how much there is to this guy. In opposition to the vast majority of other characters in the Sonic series, where the simplicity is king rule comes into effect, Metal Sonic just lets you show off as much as you want too.


And that’s what we have here.


When you sit down and draw all that detail, you have to make an equal effort to coloring it as well. You guys saw what went into that end with the INKs layer I posted, now you get to see the whole thing in motion. The vibrancy adds to the depth of the image, and also throws a nice bit of distraction in there as well. This image, with the color added, loses the clean angle. Its disruptive, it’s blinding and it’s hard to read at first. That’s the point for a pic like this of course. I want you to squint your eyes and stare at it for a minute. Only then will you catch all the detail I poured into it and only then will a few of you notice some of the Easter eggs I threw in there as well.


Okay. That will do it for me. Back to work on some other stuff. Thanks for checking in on me.  I’ll drop my commission price chart below, just cause I can. I’ll keep you all posted as to when that will be ready to re-open next month. Till then, enjoy this one, and the new episodes of Sonic Boom that just started back up. ^^

 BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix INK by BroDogz
Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix INK
Ah, you guys just knew I wasn’t going to let this lineart sit around in my gallery and fade away into dust.

Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix by BroDogz

This was an entry I made back in September for a contest held by the great :iconcolorguy:

I actually made two entries into this contest, and while the other one was a winning entry, this one didn’t work out so I figured I might as well take on the monumental task of coloring in this sucker myself.

Yikes. This is going to be brutal. I did not envy the task I had before me. Even with some help from my bro, this one took forever. I actually finished coloring this one in earlier today, but before I go on and post that one, I do want everyone to get a look at all the inking and shading work that went into this image. The blacks, the whites and the greys.

Haha, man looking back I may have went tiny bit over the top on this one.  

There was just so much detail in the drawing, the coloring just had to reflect that. So many little rivets to shade, little nooks and crannies to shadow and everything had to be shiny. Bane of my existence, but nothing a little time and patience can’t handle.

The B/W scheme gives this a cool Noir effect. Might have to make this thing a poster and hang it on my wall.

Okay, I’ll have plenty more to say on the color version. Consider this one a preview.


Here’s a link to the colored version for you guys

Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix - Color by BroDogz


Oh yeah, to everyone looking for a commission. I’m on pace to open them back up sometime in February. I’ll have official word on that in a week or so. Till then enjoy this shameless plug of my price chart.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Vanilla - Always With You by BroDogz
Vanilla - Always With You
I don’t think I drew a picture of everyone’s favorite Rabbit mom in 2014 after drawing her for the first time in 2013, so let’s abolish that trend quickly this year! What better way to help kick off the new year by starting up some good habits in drawing subjects.

Vanilla is all about breaking mobian trends so she is a very refreshing character to draw. Her stature and grace almost demand a certain kind of picture around her so I have to stretch a bit of my usually action oriented muscles to include her. I also played with the perspective of this image just a touch to both increase the difficulty, and give myself a needed bit of practice. I don’t want to get too rusty. I really like this image, and I feel like it will “age” well to boot. It is considerably better than my previous excursions that have included this bunny, and you always feel better when something like that happens. The goal is too improve the craft after all. 

So I have gotten the chance to toy around with Nilly’ and practice a tough angle, I’ll mark that up as a win in my book. Now I gotta get back to a few things. More drawings to pound out, video games to grind and several comics to read. Busy slate for me ahead.

Sonic Boom - What the What?! by BroDogz
Sonic Boom - What the What?!

“Thundah, rain and Lightnin….”

Dang it, now I got that stuck in my head. <and now you guys do too! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!>

Anyway, since I am an the admin over at :iconsonic-boom-hub: I get to sit day in and day out shifting through mountains of awesome Sonic inspired artwork.

It’s enough to make a man want to get in on the fun himself. ^^

Now that I’ve got some free time for the first time in… forever, you can bet that I’ve got more than a bit of Sonic on my mind. So I figured, no point in letting my account rot while I take a break from my commissions, I might as well have some fun and post some of my warm up sketches and practice doodles.

For this one, I was pretty much looking for an excuse to draw KittyBot. No lie, I just needed some robot fake cat in my life. This picture is pretty close to how I think it would act if it were ever to come face to face with Metal head.

Needless to say, the world is doomed. Might as well get on your spaceship and leave. If these two join forces then there is nothing stopping them.

This was fun, but now I got to get back on some more important stuff. I’ll make sure to post things for you guys when I get the chance. ^^

Commission - MLP: Double Dealing by BroDogz
Commission - MLP: Double Dealing
:icondarthmind: came by to order a piece to support an ongoing “Clopping Dead” project he has in the works. Be sure to keep yourself glued to his channels as more information on that becomes available. You can find the first installment of that series right behind this handy link:

**ARTIST NOTE: This picture is a variant of the main image. To see the original, follow the link Everything's Proceeding As Planned by Darthmind

He decided to have me try something a little bit new for this commission. On top of creating a human variant of his Pony OC Malcontent, I was also tasked with drawing both Sunset Shimmer and Aria Blaze for the first time as well as taking my initial shot at drawing in the Equestria Girls style. That is some serious uncharted territory there! As I have said before, given the time I don’t think there is anything, or any style I can’t draw. Alas actions speak louder than words so I will allow this image to all the talking on that front. 

The Equestria Girls style is a touch harder than the normal MLP stuff but it is still pretty artist friendly for the most part. The three characters stand atop a rooftop watching over the world bellow. The setting sun washes everything in a nice warm orange. I tried something a little different with the MLP styled clouds I use in commissions like these, and I think the end result is kind of nice.

Overall I am happy with this image and I would like to thank Darthmind for entrusting me to both work on his series, and do a picture that I never had physically proved I was capable of doing. I talk a big game, but I greatly appreciate the faith you put in me by believing I could get this one done. 

If you guys want further proof that I can draw anything, or you would rather want me to work on something a bit more in my wheelhouse, be sure to check out my sweet little Commission Price Chart.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz



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