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**Check this out!**

Just testing the waters here... Would anyone be interested if I opened writing/story commissions? 

24 deviants said I think I might want one.
22 deviants said sure, if the price was right...
20 deviants said BroDogz can write?!!!!
10 deviants said No, not interested at all.

100K Milestone and April Updates

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 6:25 PM

Get me a Chilli dog and call me a hedgehog. I never thought I would get anywhere near this milestone so quickly. In my short time here on DA I have managed to pick up over 1,600 watches and 100,000 pageviews! That is a whole lot of zeros! 

I would like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to support me up to this point. It means a great deal to both me and my Bro that you are all willing to keep tabs on us and the constant interaction in turn helps me improve my own craft. The time I have spent on DA has persuaded me to tackle numerous tasks that I would have likely avoided in the past and I am a much better artist now because of it. I could not have become the guy I have grown into without all of your support. I hope to continue to create a few of pieces of art you will enjoy in the future as well.

In other news I have just upgraded my computer to match my ever growing talent level. This thing is way more powerful than my older rig and should lend itself well to my larger commission projects. (No more constant computer crashes for me!) This is a very exciting development as it has the potential to exponentially increase my activity speed. I loved the thing, but my old laptop was horribly outdated. It’s always nice to move up to the next tier every once in a while and it feels like I am doing just that.


In turns of drawing workload, I am going to be a busy man for the foreseeable future. I have a number of commissions that I am scheduled to work on. One of them is a commission of monstrous proportions that I really have no business attempting. It’s part of the reason I broke down and got a new computer. I’m pretty sure my old one would have exploded under the strain. I promise you all that I’m still working on Chapter 2 of my Victory Road webcomic as well. As I have said in the past I am planning something big for that and it is taking a bit longer than I expected due to the recent boom in demand for my higher level commission offerings.

So that is that for this post. I will have more art, contests giveaways and the like in the future. Just gotta get over this slight hump of work before I can begin that stuff again. In the short term, I’ll be sure to continue to keep taking my game up a few levels, to help justify all the attention you guys are giving me! 


Commission: The Simple Life by BroDogz
Commission: The Simple Life

:iconalarmplz:***This is a Next Level Commission***:iconalarmplz: 

 **Artist note: This image also has a variant. You can check that out below.

Comm: The Simple Life - Dark Variant by BroDogz

Furthermore, you guys can check out the story itself that inspired this work, right here.…


Okay, it’s finally time. Some 16 characters and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears later, I’m finally ready to roll out my biggest and baddest Next Level Commission to date. Thanks for sticking through this with me guys. I think it’s time I rewarded you with some mind blowing art sure to have your brains mashing the eject button, exiting your skulls stage right at escape velocity and finding their final resting place splattered all over that formally clean wall over there.

So here we have it. The Simple Life.

(also, don’t forget to check out the sweet Noir version)

Now all the pieces I did need to come together. This is where all the planning and measurements I made pay off. Where I find out if Chrysalis is indeed the right height in comparison to Sombra, or if Spitfires wings are enough to balance the shift between good and evil. It’s where concept becomes reality and it’s the proof positive that I am very, VERY good at what I do.

When I stand back and take this all in, I can’t help but shake my head and chuckle. As I’ve been posting the individual character assets over the last week or so (feel free to check those out in my gallery), I went into pretty deep detail about what I liked about each piece and what I hoped they would bring to the whole. Here you can see the final fruits of that labor and more importantly, how character interaction comes into play.

Now you can appreciate why I drew each character as I did. See Spitfire hooking Sonic’s arm? That’s no accident. Luna and Cadance standing as polar opposites, again all part of the plan. Sonic and Dash standing back to back? A cheeky nod to how close they are, and how they fell apart in the story itself. Every pose, every interaction and every character in this piece is showing off something of importance from Gunflame345 ’s story. This is a cover for it at the end of the day and I want the viewer to come away not only interested in giving those pages a turn, but also learning a bit more about the tale, even if it’s mostly on a subliminal or subconscious level.

And all that is before I get to the effects in the background. The slick movie poster quotes, the super imposed text pulled from chapter 1 of the story or even the cool movie reel effect I put into the design. It all adds up to make this commission everything I wanted it to be. (A special thanks to the Deviants who were able to provide quotable material for this as well!)

*Cracks knuckles*

Whoo Doggie. Now that was a commission.

I’ll take this space to formally offer my thanks to :icongunflame345:

We got to talk at great length about how to build this one up and what we wanted it to be. You gave me the freedom to really pull back and unleash my own brand of patented BroDoggery BadA$$-ness. I really appreciated working so closely with you during this, and I am glad you were able to stick with me while life had other ideas for your free time. I hope this end result was worth all those notes we sent back and forth.

Now, I know this is where I usually utilize this space to advertise my commissions, but before some of you out there get any crazy ideas I do think I might need to curb a little enthusiasm. This was an absolute monster of a commission. One that sits on a scale and number of characters far beyond anything I reasonably intended for my commission process. In the future, if someone were to come to me and offer me the job of tackling something like this, I assure you the price tag would have a comma in it. That’s four digit territory. If someone out there has deep enough pockets for that, then God bless ya, but I honestly don’t see too many more commissions like this one in my future.

Okay, with the “scare away the customers” part crossed off my checklist, I can talk to those of you that are still here. If anyone out there likes what they see, either from this commission, or one of the many others in my gallery, then feel free to check out my commission price chart and get in touch. I can tackle any style and any character, so if you’d like to grab the bull by the horns and net yourself a piece of the BroDogz experience, then just know that I am only a note away!

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: The Simple Life - Dark Variant by BroDogz
Comm: The Simple Life - Dark Variant

:iconalarmplz:***This is a Next Level Commission***:iconalarmplz: 


Artist note: This piece is a variant of a commission I have completed. To see the original, click this link:

Commission: The Simple Life by BroDogz

Also don't forget to check out the story this is based off of!…


Now THAT is cool! After an eternity of work I am proud to show off this noir variant to the main "Simple Life" cover for :icongunflame345:s ongoing crossover epic. This alternate piece was kind of developed on the fly, as it was not a designed end point at the outset of the project.


I was given full creative control for this piece. I decided everything. The characters, the poses the expressions, even the interactions. You name it, I got to determine it. Such freedom allowed me to both play to my strengths and craft an image as I saw fit. That right there is a BroDogz recipe for an awesome commission!


Duality is a strong theme in this image and as such elements in the picture are meant to give a sense of balance to something that appears on the opposite side. After working on this image we realized that we created something that had the potential to be featured in a "reversible" fashion. A few tweaks were made to the final design of the main image and the pathway for this cool end result was created.


If anyone would like to see a deeper explanation on the process that went into this monstrosity's formation, be sure to see the description I posted on the standard image for this piece. If you would like a better look at some of the individual characters that make up this image your in luck! I recently posted solo assets of all these characters in my gallery, so feel free to find the ones you want to see the most.


Thanks a bunch to Gunflame345 for both giving me so much freedom and the chance to develop the cover for The Simple Life. Building story and comic covers is both challenging and fun as it causes you to really add structure and deeper meaning to your images that would not be present otherwise. This served as a monumental learning experience. I hope this dark variant is simply icing on your commission cake.


Hope everyone out there enjoys this image. It was a very long time coming.


I am open for more commissions for those that are interested. Just be sure to take a look at my commission price chart before you try to contact me.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: MLP - All Together Now by BroDogz
Comm: MLP - All Together Now

Alright, I am really rolling downhill with these commissions. (Sonic would be so proud. Who ever thought I could spindash with the best of ‘em).

My good pal :iconzephyr093: came back once again to ring the commission bell. This time he wanted something a bit more crowded than my usual commission for him. Now I have plenty of experience with the main characters of “my little pony", but at the same time, I haven’t been asked to tackle the entire group, plus extras all too often, so I jumped at the challenge.


Group hugs are always tricky. As a commission artist, I always strive to give a buyer their monies worth by showing off the best of each character. In such tight confines, that proposition becomes much more of a give and take. Too clustered, and all characters overlap, making the ones in the back miss out and feel cheated. Too far apart, and the hug loses its sense of intimacy, which ruins the picture.


I think I found a good balance for that. Each pony has something about them that helps them stand out while at the same time, the group as a whole is cohecive and reads well. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Okay, while I’m here I want to say thank you again to zephyr093 for buying another commission from me. Repeat business is where it’s at.  

If anyone else is interested in getting a commission from me, I have a nice little price chart full of useful information.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: Princess Cadance - Revenge by BroDogz
Comm: Princess Cadance - Revenge

:iconalarmplz:***This is a Next Level Commission***:iconalarmplz: 

 **Artist note: this is an asset from a much larger image. I you would like to see the completed image you can view it and its variant right here:

Commission: The Simple Life by BroDogz

Comm: The Simple Life - Dark Variant by BroDogz

This was done to help show off :icongunflame345:'s story, "A Simple Life". If you like the image, be sure to take a look at the MLP/Sonic story it is based off of. I will even provide a handy little link to do just that.…

Posting pictures of royalty seems to be a trend for me as of late after the reveals of Luna and Celestia. This would be as good a time as any to continue that sequence with the addition of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Lets start with the elephant in the room, the hair. I think it goes without saying that drawing curly hair is an immense pain paramount to the harshest forms of torture. Getting all those waves and swirls in the correct spots, accounting for the overlapping sections and remembering the various color zones that come with drawing a character like princess Cadance made the task difficult and time consuming, I'm glad i was rewarded for the effort as the end result is quite eye pleasing but that still does not stop my poor little fingers from resonating with a kind of phantom pain whenever I look at this image. Early age arthritis here I come!

Like the Luna I just posted, this image is a bust of the character rather than a full body shot. You will be able to see just how I used her when I release the main images. Her expression here is one of scorn and a touch of hate. Those that read "Simple Life" know that Cadance is a good bit more than meets the eye. If you have yet to read the story and don't understand what that equates too, I must apologize as I refuse to give out an spoilers on the subject. ^^

Well then, we have come a long way with all these assets. I am happy to say that this will be the final one. The next art piece I plan on posting for the Simple Life story will be the grand reveal of the main images! You have all been patiently waiting for it and i promise you will not have to hold out much longer.

While I desperately and hopelessly scramble to create a few meaningful descriptions for these upcoming masterworks I must encourage anyone who is on the fence about receiving a commission from me to check out my price chart.

From what I hear: 50% of the time it is exactly what you need for what ails ya 100% of the time. :la:

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: Princess Luna - Secrets by BroDogz
Comm: Princess Luna - Secrets

:iconalarmplz:***This is a Next Level Commission***:iconalarmplz: 

 **Artist note: this is an asset from a much larger image. I you would like to see the completed image you can view it and its variant right here:

Commission: The Simple Life by BroDogz

Comm: The Simple Life - Dark Variant by BroDogz

This was done to help show off :icongunflame345:'s story, "A Simple Life". If you like the image, be sure to take a look at the MLP/Sonic story it is based off of. I will even provide a handy little link to do just that.…


Another Princess? Sure why not. You didn't think I was running out of these things did you? lol

Luna's up to take her spot in line and she's bringing that elegant, near unmatched mane of her's along for the ride. I'm sure you guys will take note that this one is something of a departure from the rest if of the images you've seen so far. While those were full body shots that showed the entirety of the character, Luna here is closer to a bust. All I needed was the neck up. There is a reason for that, but ding-ding-ding you guessed it, your going to have to wait for the main event to see what in the world I've got planned for this one.

Still, that doesn't mean I get to take it easy on the detail. That magnificent mane always begs for my attention. My patented star field trick remains on display, but what really got me going here was that I was allotted the space to really let her hair flow in the wind. Its a stunning effect, mesmerizing even. Almost enough to make you not notice the fact that Luna is pretty sad here. 

Why is she crying? Why is she without her trademark crown and mantle? Well, as you know this picture is meant to represent her place in the "Simple Life" story. Fans of the series should already have a pretty good grip on the answer to those inquiries.

So that's another one down, back to back sisters to boot. I'll be back in touch with everyone tomorrow to get some more stuff up on my account. In the meantime, I've got some Batman to catch up on and some more commission work that needs to get done. If anyone out there would like to interrupt my time with the Dark Knight to talk about getting some commissions from yours truly, then check out my price chart and get in touch. 

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


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