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-Commission for :iconzephyr093: DONE!
-Commission for :icondragonblitzstudios: DONE!
-Commission for :iconbluedragonkaiser: DONE!
-Commission for :iconzephyr093: (Da Workz) 0%

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-Commission for :icondarthmind: (Da Workz)

-Commission for :icondarthmind: (Da Workz)

-Commission for :iconsnicketbar: (Da Workz)

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Commission: A New Dawn by BroDogz
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Mar 27, 2015
8:15 am
Mar 27, 2015
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Mar 27, 2015
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Mar 27, 2015
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Mar 27, 2015
5:29 am

**Check this out!**

Just testing the waters here... Would anyone be interested if I opened writing/story commissions? 

20 deviants said sure, if the price was right...
15 deviants said I think I might want one.
15 deviants said BroDogz can write?!!!!
9 deviants said No, not interested at all.

Commissions open in Feb... Single file line plz

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 1:47 PM

Sheriff is back in town.


Or at least I will be, a little later.


I should have seen this coming, but I’ve kind of gone and created a log-jam for my commissions. I kept telling you all that commissions would open sometime in February, but I never really gave out any specifics. That of course has led to more than a few of you kicking down my doors and demanding a spot in line.

I only have myself to blame. lol

So, I guess I need to fix this. Let me lay out for you guys how I will be handling my grand re-opening.

I’m going to tackle this in two phases.


Phase 1 – February 1st


This is going to open the discussion channel floodgates. Starting at the beginning of the month, I will be open to people “pitching” me their commission requests. Those of you who have worked with me before will be familiar with the back and forth that takes place at this stage. This is where you fire off idea’s, I shoot back questions and we get a good solid grip on what you’re asking for. This is also where I will offer you an official “price quote” so you know what you’re getting into before I start.

I’m geared up and ready to answer a literal tidal wave of notes from you guys, so that is why I set this up. Some commission details can be handled in a note or two, others might take six or seven. It all depends on the commission and how well we are able to articulate to one another.

I’ll reserve spots in line on my to-do list as I see fit during this process. I will probably show a little more credence to my regular customers to that end, but my priority commission stack will also be open for those who have the insatiable urge to cut to the front of the line.

So if you want a spot in my commission line, get in touch with me at the beginning of the month, and we can talk shop. While we handle this, we’ll follow up to the launch of….


Phase 2 – February 12th


This is actually when I will break ground to start working on commissions again. Normal, business as usual BroDogz blah-blah-blah.

Starting with the first commission on my to-do list, (or something on my priority line), I’ll begin knocking commissions out one by one.

This is also the point where I start complaining about being buried alive by my to-do list, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later.



Okay, so there you guys go. Come at me starting Feb 1st, and I’ll talk at you. Get in line, and I’ll start working through those on the 12th. The sooner you get all ducks in a row, the quicker I’ll nab you a spot in line. If you just want a price quote or want to ask a “what if” kind of thing, that’s fine too.


Comm: Son of the Thunder God Pin-up by BroDogz
Comm: Son of the Thunder God Pin-up
Artist Note: This is a variant, more friendly edition of the actual product. To see the original view it here: Son of the Thunder God Poster By Brodogz by DragonBlitzStudios 

:iconalarmplz:***This is a Next Level Commission***:iconalarmplz: 

Woo-doggy, this one was a beast to put together! :icondragonblitzstudios: needed a poster of his up and coming comic book series Son of the Thunder God to hang in shops and he came to yours truly to get something cool. Furthermore he gave me total artistic license to do as I saw fit. Outside of having certain characters and a vertical format I got to pick and choose everything that went into this image! You guys know I do my best work when given this kind of freedom, and once again that proved to be true.

The top three characters are our heroes, led by the sword slingin’ Raitaro Raijin. That flowing cloak gives him a whole Batman vide here and I must say he wears it well. He has so much intensity in his face. It simply riles me up just looking at the guy. You can feel his passion. Rai is flanked by the sharpshooter Youko Amaterasu and the energy blade wielding Sora Fūjin. I was drooling over the opportunity to draw Youko. She has so much detail to her design and that just fits perfectly with this high resolution image. Zoom in nice in close to see how I shined her scales, and created those luscious locks of hair. Sora, or maybe I should call him Mr. Suave with that whole vest ensemble, has just as much going on with those nasty beam claws and metal wings off his back.

The Woman at the bottom of the image is Izanami, Goddess of the Dead. I don’t get the opportunity to draw “real looking” humans as much as you would think, so I welcome the challenge she presented. I got to play with all kinds of little details when drawing her and it was very rewarding in the end. Here is a cool little trick I did that is mostly invisible unless I point it out. If you look really close at her kimono, you can see a faint floral pattern within it. Now that is some Next Lvl detail right there! 

I am very happy with how this one turned out. That is a downright nasty piece of artwork right there!

Thanks a bunch to DragonBlitzStudios for coming to me to get this done. I know you have a stable of professional artists working on your comic and that makes it all the more meaningful that you chose me to produce this promotional piece. It is also a cool feeling to know that some of my work will be hanging in stores. Make sure you take a picture with one after you hang it up. ^^ 

If anyone else would love the chance to get me to create something for them, be sure to take a quick look at my commission price chart for more information.
BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: Sonic Boom - Definitely Fastidious by BroDogz
Comm: Sonic Boom - Definitely Fastidious
Commission time has rolled around again. :iconbluedragonkaiser: swung by to pick up a simple Base Color of Fastidious Beaver in an amusing situation. 

The script for this image had me put FB in a pre-defined super hero costume with Soar the Eagle making a comment from offscreen. It’s a pretty straightforward picture that I don’t think requires much in the way of explaining. I think the image does a good job of that itself. 

Anyways, this is my first shot at both Fastidious and Soar. It’s not often that I take a swing at a Sonic Character I have never attempted and this image features two. That is a win in my book.

As always a big thank you to BlueDragonKaiser for choosing me once again to bring his idea to life. If anybody else would like to follow his lead be sure to take a quick look at my Commission Price Chart for more information.
BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: Twilight and Zephyr - Take a Stroll by BroDogz
Comm: Twilight and Zephyr - Take a Stroll
Another day another commission. :iconzephyr093: ordered up this piece to add to his ever growing collection of pictures that include his OC with Twilight Sparkle. 

I got a decent amount of freedom with this image in terms of construction. While I was given the characters and their poses, the only direction for the BG was to have the pair inside of Ponyville. To that end, I have the couple passing over a bridge, which helps to add both dimension and depth to the image.

The lighting is soft, but it is emphasized by the cascading shadows cast off of the pair. It really adds to the somber and peaceful mood of the scene. I only have a little bit of character interaction here, but I like how I depicted the body language. Zepher leans across his body to cover the appropriate distance. Twilight’s wings shoot upward in surprise and delight. Everything wraps together nicely to form a cohesive and believable image. 

Thanks a bunch to zephyr093 for buying another commission from me. As always, its greatly appreciated. If anyone else would like to order something from me, be sure to take a quick look at my Commission Price Chart.
BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Comm: Shadow - You Can't Kill Hate by BroDogz
Comm: Shadow - You Can't Kill Hate
I’m pretty sure my customers are conspiring to work me to death as we have ourselves another commission from :icongunflame345:. This time the pitch is an edgy image featuring the one and only Shadow the Hedgehog!

Shadow pretty much fades into nothing in this image, being consumed by the negative space around him. It is strongly contrasted by the gun in his hand that shines brightly against the darkness. (Don’t read too strongly into that metaphor kids, it may lead to bad things ^^) The whole image is a nice piece of art that really plays with lights and shadows in ways I don’t normally get a chance to. 

I always enjoy workin’ with Sonic characters and Shadow easily qualifies as one of my favorites so this was a blast to draw. Furthermore after being commissioned countess times to draw something to look solely “cool” or be “romantic”, it is refreshing to be tasked to do something that is more in the vein of artistic… even if the end result is straight badness.

Overall it’s a nice image and should be enjoyable for everyone. Just don’t look Shadow in the eyes… or look at him sideways… or even at all... 

You’re best off gazing off to the side… Waaaaaay to the side…
Or better yet just slink away and pray he isn’t feeling itchy…

*Urge to kill…. Rising!* 

Thx Gunflame345 for ordering up another commission! They are always fun to work on.

If some of you guys want to pile on my current workload (You Heartless Monsters!!!) be sure to swing by my Commission Price Chart for more information on the process.
BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Commission: Twilight Eq. Girls - Vigilante by BroDogz
Commission: Twilight Eq. Girls - Vigilante

Incoming wave of commissions? Check!
Incoming blizzards that will surely impact my drawing timetables? Double check!

My To Do List has betrayed me and decided that now would be a good time to swell up to epic proportions. In response me and my Bro have been working nearly non-stop to slay this beast in quick order. This commission comes by way of :icondarthmind: and is an alternate realization of the Masked Matterhorn for the universe that he is creating.

There are many elements to the costume that fans of the purple powerhouse will know and love. The goggles, the horn, the cape, its all there. Added onto the frame are a pair of gauntlets and boots in the same vein as iron man that should allow for some fairly fantastic capabilities. Add on a pair of magnetically liked wing stabilizers and you have yourself a functioning supersuit. 

This was certainly an interesting one to build. Anything that gives off a technological vibe usually involves a lot of detail and lines, which the thick colored lineart of the MLP style greatly inhibits. I think I did an alright job on that front though.

Thanks a bunch Darthmind for buying another commission. Anyone who finds an alternate universe of human MLP chars as superheroes interesting should stay posted to his page for further developments.

 If anyone else would like to score a commission from me, be sure to check out my Commission Price Chart.
BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


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