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-Commission for :iconsonicthecaptain: (Da Workz) 0%

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-Commission for :icondarthmind: DONE!
-Commission for :iconferrumflos1st: (Next Lvl)

-Commission for :icondarthmind: (Da Workz)
-Commission for :icondarthmind: (Da Workz)
-Commission for :icondarthmind: (Da Workz)
-Commission for :icongunflame345: (Da Workz)

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Commission: A New Dawn by BroDogz
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Feb 28, 2015
8:05 pm
Feb 28, 2015
7:21 pm
Feb 28, 2015
7:06 pm
Feb 28, 2015
6:42 pm
Feb 28, 2015
6:38 pm

**Check this out!**

Just testing the waters here... Would anyone be interested if I opened writing/story commissions? 

18 deviants said sure, if the price was right...
12 deviants said BroDogz can write?!!!!
9 deviants said I think I might want one.
7 deviants said No, not interested at all.

Commissions open in Feb... Single file line plz

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 1:47 PM

Sheriff is back in town.


Or at least I will be, a little later.


I should have seen this coming, but I’ve kind of gone and created a log-jam for my commissions. I kept telling you all that commissions would open sometime in February, but I never really gave out any specifics. That of course has led to more than a few of you kicking down my doors and demanding a spot in line.

I only have myself to blame. lol

So, I guess I need to fix this. Let me lay out for you guys how I will be handling my grand re-opening.

I’m going to tackle this in two phases.


Phase 1 – February 1st


This is going to open the discussion channel floodgates. Starting at the beginning of the month, I will be open to people “pitching” me their commission requests. Those of you who have worked with me before will be familiar with the back and forth that takes place at this stage. This is where you fire off idea’s, I shoot back questions and we get a good solid grip on what you’re asking for. This is also where I will offer you an official “price quote” so you know what you’re getting into before I start.

I’m geared up and ready to answer a literal tidal wave of notes from you guys, so that is why I set this up. Some commission details can be handled in a note or two, others might take six or seven. It all depends on the commission and how well we are able to articulate to one another.

I’ll reserve spots in line on my to-do list as I see fit during this process. I will probably show a little more credence to my regular customers to that end, but my priority commission stack will also be open for those who have the insatiable urge to cut to the front of the line.

So if you want a spot in my commission line, get in touch with me at the beginning of the month, and we can talk shop. While we handle this, we’ll follow up to the launch of….


Phase 2 – February 12th


This is actually when I will break ground to start working on commissions again. Normal, business as usual BroDogz blah-blah-blah.

Starting with the first commission on my to-do list, (or something on my priority line), I’ll begin knocking commissions out one by one.

This is also the point where I start complaining about being buried alive by my to-do list, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later.



Okay, so there you guys go. Come at me starting Feb 1st, and I’ll talk at you. Get in line, and I’ll start working through those on the 12th. The sooner you get all ducks in a row, the quicker I’ll nab you a spot in line. If you just want a price quote or want to ask a “what if” kind of thing, that’s fine too.


Commission: Applejack - Walk Away by BroDogz
Commission: Applejack - Walk Away
I felt a little bad having AJ appear so tiny on that last commission. It was supposed to be tiny from the get-go, but I just put so much work into it…

So I’ll fix that with a little asset dump. Here’s a larger version that you guys can check out. I put all that work into the leather details and shadows on the character. Might as well show it off right?

I usually don’t like drawing the back of a characters head for commissions. Its usually more of a cop out if anything, but for this one the pose works and I got a little more practice on something I usually avoid. Nice.

Here's the real deal commission that this AJ originates from.

Comm: Applejack to Canterlot - The Clopping Dead by BroDogz

So thanks again to Darthmind. Consider this post a small freebie to that commission you ordered ^^

anyone else interested in a commission? Cause I'm open for business! *gets back to work*

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz


Oh hey, looks like the nice people over on Equestria Daily saw fit to feature a little more of my art. Thanks a bunch guys, I really appreciate.…

(its down on #22)

Comm: Applejack to Canterlot - The Clopping Dead by BroDogz
Comm: Applejack to Canterlot - The Clopping Dead
:iconalarmplz: ***This is a Next level Commission*** :iconalarmplz: 

Wow, nothing like a blizzard to tap the brakes on productivity. Then again, there is nothing like two blizzards to blow out your back shoveling snow. I swear I haven’t seen the street in front of my house in weeks. Nothing but a wall of white.

Tard Getting Hit By Snow Ball

Anyway, I did manage to take some time away from my trusty snow shovel sidearm long enough to finish up the first Next Level commission on my To Do List. This one was ordered up by my good pal :icondarthmind:

He seems content to bury me under a tidal wave of commissions, so I guess its sink or swim time lol.

So let’s talk about this one. I didn’t have to do much planning for it. For the most part, this is a thematic re-creation of sorts of a promotional poster for the popular Walking Dead TV series. Lone horseman, riding off into an eerily calm cityscape, where something just feels off. It’s all very dramatic.

Canterlot, in all of its former glory anyway, is desolate and a shell of what you would expect out of a place built out of sunshine and rainbows. It was a nice little challenge to take something cheery and turn it into something devoid of its charms. It’s still got its trademark colors and design, however with a few cracks here and a small fire there, it’s just a whole different environment.

A little bit of research helped me out too. I found that MLP inspired train from some screenshots, so it was a nice set piece to use for the side of this image. I’m no stranger to damage models, so some pot holes and cracks in the pavement help sell the abandoned motif and bring it all together.

I put a lot into the characters for these high end commissions, and even though she appears rather tiny here, Applejack is no exception. I actually drew her quite large and shrunk her down to fit into the final copy. If you squint, you can see a good bit of the detail work I crammed in there. She’s got her apocalypse ready leather chaps (a must if you ask me) and a branded Shotgun on her back. Throw in the trademark hat and she’s looking really good.

I feel kinda weird about putting all that work into her and not showing off the end result. So I think I’ll just asset dump a larger version for you guys to look at. Someone will enjoy it I hope. ^^

Commission: Applejack - Walk Away by BroDogz

All and all it came together pretty well. This picture is actually a bit of an edit to the commission I was asked to do. The real deal has a much bleaker, more depressing tone to the sky. I simply wanted to show off something a bit more traditional on my account.


Okay, another thank you is in order to Darthmind. I really do appreciate the repeat business and I’m glad I can keep doing right by ya.


As for anyone else mulling a commission from yours truly, feel free to check out my commission price chart and send me a line. I’d love to hear from you. ^^

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Commission: 5 Hedgehogs - Last Hog Standing by BroDogz
Commission: 5 Hedgehogs - Last Hog Standing
Okay then. I’m back and continuing my assault on my mortal enemy, the “To-Do List”. It’s the bane of my existence and I shall not be satisfied until I eradicate it from this earth


Unfortunately for me, people like :icongunflame345: seem to like feeding the blasted thing. Every day it grows stronger. I imagine it to look something like Chaos at this point. Didn’t anybody ever teach you guys not to feed the water monster chaos emeralds?!




Enough about me though, let’s talk art. This time good ol’ GF wanted me to throw five hedgehogs into a room and see how they would get along. Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Metal and Scourge to be exact. My experiment was a total disaster though. One is a total Ego-maniac, one was too power hungry, one was angsty to high heaven, and the next felt the need to establish order. Finally that robotic one just seem content to end all life on the planet.


So, as you can imagine a fight broke out.


GunFlame was pretty loose about the details of this one. Aside from the basic run down over what each character was doing, I was free to choose my own background and design the finer points of the poses. You guys know I do some pretty good work when I’m allowed to stretch my wings a bit. I attacked this thing about how you would imagine Sonic attacks a Chili-Dog... Or a would-be, self-crowned king. Pick your poison.


I threw quite a bit at this one. Some fun tricks with the perspective and the horizon instantly ups the tension and makes the image that much more dramatic. Need potholes, I threw them in there too cause they are fun to draw. The fight scene takes place in a G.U.N. facility. I really like how those guys push their brand recognition and graffiti their face onto every available surface. Oh, and let’s not forget the iron boxes. Those are Silver’s favorite piece of ammo, so I had to put them everywhere.


… and before anyone asks, yes I got serious Hedgehog Havoc vibes from this one. They rattled my spine pretty good. Still recovering from that.


Okay, that’s enough gawking out of me. Another huge shout out is in order to Gunflame345 for once again picking me out of the crowd for his commissioning needs. Happy to draw for ya man.


Anyone else interested in a commission, be it Sonic or anything else, should feel free to browse my gallery and check out my price chart. I like to think I can handle anything, and I would be happy to talk shop and tell you what I can do for you. I’ll even drop a link to the chart at the end of this description.


Now if you guys will excuse me, I’m going to duck out of here before Sonic and Scourge settle the score. Tomorrow may be Valentine’s Day, but I can’t imagine any happy feelings coming out the other side of this one. Just a whole lotta pain… and a broken crown.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v2 by BroDogz

Commission: Roll - How Does it Look? by BroDogz
Commission: Roll - How Does it Look?

With all these commissions pilling up (and my sweet, sweet hiatus over) its time to start cranking out some art! :iconbluedragonkaiser: jumped ahead of the pack with this priority commission of Roll from the Mega Man series sporting a specific dress in a predetermined pose. I didn’t have to stretch the old imagination far for this one. As everything was outlined in front of me clear as day.

This character is another in a long line of firsts for me, so its feels nice to scratch another character off of my “never drawn” list. I guess it is a little odd to see Roll in a dress, but it is cute nonetheless. I got to play with some cloth textures, add in some jewelry and work on a fairly unique pose. Its not bad for a base color image if I do say so myself.

I think the Mega Man series has grown on me over the last year after the stellar Worlds Collide crossover arc and mercilessly blasting my foes with the Mega Buster in Smash Bros. It’s got me all kinds of amped for the upcoming Worlds Unite arc and all the pure craziness it promises.

Thank ya to BlueDragonKaiser for ordering another commission! As always it is greatly appreciated. Now that the machine is back up and running at full capacity (Insert “All Systems, Full Power!” pun here) anyone can take a quick look at my handy little commission price chart and decide if they would like to receive a commission of their own.

Sonic Boom - Its NOT a Contest by BroDogz
Sonic Boom - Its NOT a Contest

I had another fun idea pop into my head while I was reviewing more fanart to submit into the :iconsonic-boom-hub: and I wanted to make sure I got it out of my head and onto paper… or rather the computer.

Eggman and Tails have always been known for their prowess in the workshop and the new Sonic Boom universe has certainly stayed with that script. In the television series alone we have seen a myriad of inventions from the pair already. From an incredibly adaptable and transformable slime bot to slick and speedy hover boards and wherever you rank Orbot and Cubot the creations have certainly been impressive. 

This short comic points fun at how Tails has managed to build a few things that may qualify as more supernatural than technology savvy, even if it was not intentional. A device that can stop a black hole? Check. A robot that can uncover hidden truths? Double Check. A laser beam that can instantly tear apart any machinery or manufactured items? You get the idea.

OK then, I’ll let you all get back to your business. I hope you enjoy this short as much as you have the others.


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